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Information Technology has become a fastest growing Industry in today’s scenario which is providing thousands of job to well trained professionals. India has achieved a terrific growth in this field and is being considered as a potential I.T Super Power in the world. Information Technology is providing the upcoming future that will change every face of human existence.
In order to produce Information Technology Professionals, I.T education requires a high quality competence and infrastructure. Today, new packages, newer versions of current software and new technological tools are being adopted by the trade and industry periodically. The education therefore, must catch up with these developments well in time so that I.T students do not face the problem of obsolescence. NSDM feels the underlying concepts of new technology and tools along with reasonable skills be delivered to the students before they go out in the industry.
Thus in a very fast changing technical scenario, concept and practical based education becomes quite important as against tool based education. Technological changes also demand that institutions must consider the market scenario, and adjust the contents and delivery of education matching the expectations of the business houses.
Education, situation and adaptation these three subjects are integrally involved with human life. The only institution of education is to adapt people in changing society. Only education can help people to achieve their certain target in moving society. As the target is to get the ultimate success, NSDM has reached with the new message of to be eligible of being successful. The only vision of this program is universal computer literacy. As a result in 2025 the rate of computer literacy will reach up to 60%-70% in India. So our request is to all let us take a step ahead towards a bright golden future with NSDM.
I am sure our students can meet any demand & challenges that the employer may have on them. I wish them great success in all their Endeavour’s and quest for a better tomorrow.